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Car wraps are the least expensive type of mobile advertising in Waldo. They can decrease your advertising cost in Waldo by as much as 52%. Why? Because you no longer incur the cost of purchasing advertising space in Waldo. Your car becomes your ad.

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Create your mobile car wrap in Waldo by contactive a regional Ohio advertising representative. Whether you're on the job or not, your car wrap will be working for you seven days a week, advertising all over Waldo. This can be useful alternative for Waldo advertisers on a budget.

waldo Car Wraps
Waldo Car Wraps for your Business

Waldo car wrap costs and other useful info. Least expensive mobile advertising in Waldo. Call today to speak to a regional Ohio representative (866) 984-1465.

Approximate Waldo Car Wraps Cost by Size

Partial Wrap
Car Door, Roof, or Hood (Compact Car) $237 - $581
Car Door, Roof, or Hood (Mid-size Car) $474 - $1,141
Car Door, Roof, or Hood (Full-size SUV) $667 - $1,700
Full Wrap
Full Custom Wrap (Compact Car) $1,636 - $3,874
Full Custom Wrap (Mid-size Car) $2,066 - $4,563
Full Custom wrap(Full Size SUV) $2,497 - $5,381

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